Monday, May 19, 2008

Why is Everyone Married...But ME?

It's a little habit I'm developed since being divorced -- the wedding ring scan.

It's totally a habit. Even when I'm in a relationship, I see a guy, I look at the hand to see if he's married. It may be the cable guy, the carpet installer, it doesn't matter who, I just look. I don't even know why. And even when I see a guy who doesn't have the ring on, I can't assume he is not married. NO, of course not. There are those guys who don't like wearing rings. There are the ones that can't because of their jobs (construction, etc.). There are those who probably don't want to be known as married.

What I realized is that practically everyone is married. But not me. Oh no, I'm living the single life, ain't it great?! Now, I'm a fan of embracing where you are in life at the moment, and if that means single, then enjoy being single. If you didn't catch my Her Times column on the subject, be sure to check it out. (I'm a freelance writer and have a Single Life Column in the Times' Her Times).

So I'm curious, it seems like so many men are married, but I know there must be some good single ones out there somewhere.

However, after five years of being single, I know what I want. I want to be married again. I want to have that kind of family life for my kids. I want someone who is there for me all the time and who I can talk to about just about anything. I want that person who understands and appreciates me. I want that level of commitment. Dating is great, but eventually, I know that is what I want.

One of my best friends is also divorced and we can't seem to find many ring-less men. I can't figure it out...where are they all hiding? So until I do happen to surprise myself and find a ring-less wonder, I'm still plugging along and filing my taxes "head of household." Oh, and still doing the wedding ring scan...

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OnMyOwn said...

I can so relate to this post, except I don't have kids. I travel for my job quite a bit and always seem to notice that EVERYONE in EVERY airport is married. Even people I know who in the middle of a divorce seem to begin dating immediately and effortlessly. I wonder how it is so easy for everyone else.