Monday, July 14, 2008

Do the kids have a better social life than me?

I feel like I've created kids who thrive on an active social life.

This past weekend was exhausting. Besides both of them having soccer games, my son had two birthday parties in which the times overlapped, so he only went to one.
In the meantime, my daughter is getting a phone call from a friend at school who invited her to a swim birthday party in two weeks and wants to know if she can also stay overnight (it's a Sunday night). I said I'd have to think about it. As it is, we had to cut our trip to Pittsburgh that weekend short because she just "couldn't" miss this swim party. Geez, she's 10!

That made me my kids have a more exciting social life than me?

Maybe. (I better step it up!) At their ages, I didn't do half the stuff they did. Yes, I've always had a lot of friends and been busy, but boy do things start earlier these days. At age 10, I was running around with the neighbors all day long in the summers -- not taking trips and going to the beach and going to the movies. Those things were luxuries that happened occassionally.

I'm afraid to see what the teenage years have in store for me...

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